Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Winter Eats

What I ate this Winter. Butternut squash lasagne, recipe from design*sponge.

I've made this several times and it's a winner. I do get quite stressed out over the course of making it, as you have a zillion different elements on the go at once. It's worth it in the end though, just look at how delicious!

Another Winter fave is this lentil stew. Sounds boring, you say? Not after simmering away with smoky paprika and chunky bacon it's not.

Who's the fool that bought a pineapple in the middle of Winter? This guy. Well, not Mr Meet-Cute, he's just holding it. I was the fool that bought it and it was all woody tasting. Disappointing.

Haloumi and green olives on lettuce, thrown together when I only had ten minutes to eat before going out.

I got really into pho this Winter.

I got really into these chocolate brownies too.

A fancy breakfast at a place near our house.

 Xiao long bao 'soup dumplings'. GOD I LOVE YOU.

Amazing Cibi breakfast plate.

Mr Meet-Cute had some fun with pomegranate. I had fun eating it.

Eggs with runny cheese. YES.

Deluxe poached pear. YES.

Gozleme eaten on a sunny bench at the South Melbourne Markets.

Is fruit crumble the perfect Winter food? I say yes.


  1. Awesome post on winter eats Banana Meet Cute. Looking back at some things we ate made me so hungry, except that pineapple, that was wafs.

  2. Yummmm, even your simplest meals always look so pretty. That lasagna looks insanely delicious, as do the brownies.


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