Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tropical Times

I took a welcome break from Wintery Melbourne by jetting up to Australia's 'Tropical Far North'. The first stop was Cairns, where we roamed around Rusty's Market, one of the best fruit and vege markets I've ever seen. I wish I could shop here every week, I'd be whipping up tropical delights like nobody's business.

Sugar cane juice - I've tried this once before and it is an absolute taste sensation.

These are from the Skyrail cableway to Kurunda village.

These crazy trees were everywhere in Kurunda. Google informs me they are called Curtain Fig Trees.

This was on the beach at Port Douglas and looks like it is spelling my name, but it actually said 'Happy Birthday Grandma'.

There were some pretty good markets in Port Douglas too.

This dog was so lovely. I said hello to him and received a gentlemanly snuffle to my hand.

The Daintree rainforest was amazing, we spent a whole day up there.

This a Tawny Frogmouth, who greeted us as we went to a crocodile farm.

Here we made friends with lots of crocs! Not really, but it was fun.


  1. Great photos of Cairns Banana Meet Cute. I like the giant H and the aussie battler dog at the markets

  2. So cool! I want to go! Sugar can juice sounds so good.

  3. omg, love your pictures and your narration! looks like a gorgeous time!



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