Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small Things #3

There's a feijoa tree outside our house and my stash is getting out of control! Must make feijoa chutney soon.

Now that Autumn's here it's time to start thinking about knitting projects.

I am prepared for the coming darker weather now that I've got new lights for my bike. Daylight savings was on April 1st this year, so Mr Meet-Cute took the opportunity to turn all our clocks forward 6 hours. I woke up on Sunday thinking I'd slept in until 4pm. What a prankster!

He made up for the hilarious gag by making hot cross buns. nom!


  1. LoL, I could not really believe that the clock trick worked so well. I like your photos of the buns. Great post Banana Meet Cute.

  2. I love all those little things, and the pictures are so simple is a nice way & lovely,

    Have a nice week,

  3. I really like your "small things" posts. So cozy!

    I've been thinking of making hot cross buns this weekend for you know of a good recipe? :)

    1. Hi Sally

      This is the recipe I used for the above buns.

      It worked pretty well,I let it rise alot longer than 40 mins, but they still did not "puff" up (I think I got some sketchy yeast from the 7/11). I cooked them anyway and they worked fine, its quite a dense bun though. I added extra nutmeg, and did half raisins, half sultanas. Enjoy

    2. Thanks so much Ivan! I'll have to give them a try!


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