Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Bumper Crop

As part of my scheme to quit spending precious weekend time at the supermarket, I have been trying out having vege boxes delivered. I chose this company, as they deliver right to your doorstep, and we've been getting a seasonal fruit and vegetable box. The produce is all organic, and locally grown - another win! Though this means you don't know what you will end up getting, which is an exciting surprise, but can also be a bit challenging when you end up with an abundance of silverbeet that you're just not that into.

Luckily I have plenty of foodie resources for inspiration, such as this magazine from Mr Jamie Oliver. Lots of delish ideas are within these pages! I think I love the design of his publications as much as the recipes.

I'd love to hear what other vege box users think of the whole arrange. Or if you have any other ways for getting food that avoids tedious supermarket trips I'd love to hear them too!


  1. Awesome post, I had OOO0BY (out of our own backyard) boxes delivered when I was in Auckland, NZ - they were fantastic and like yours full of surprises and some interesting things to give a go - like bamboo shoots and atrichokes! Loved it - they came with recipe ideas and a breakdown of the growers. Most was organic and locally sourced. Now we are back on our own block I havent brought fruit and vege for a year ... maybe a friendly organic neighbour might be happy to pass produce your way out of their backyard!

  2. I'd love to get bamboo shoots and artichokes - very exotic! That's a great idea having recipe ideas included with the box. Your own block sounds like a dream come true! As does not having to buy fruit and veges ever! We have a feijoa tree outside our apartment so that's about as close as I get to harvesting my own produce!


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