Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Craftanoon

After being inspired by this cute blog I spent the other afternoon making homemade stamps for Christmas giftwrapping. Super easy and super effective = my kind of craft project!


  1. SO AMAZING! I absolutely adore them! I'm thinking of going for brown paper wrap this year too, but with neon embellishments. Love the stamps. x

  2. cool, man. great geometric graphics.

  3. We plan to do the exact same thing this weekend! Except we were thinking of doing potato stamps, primary school style!

    So happy I stumbled across your blog today :)

    Katie x

  4. Thanks Kitiya! Plain brown paper with neon would look amazing, very festive!

    jorjiapeach, thanks for your comment. The triangles were so easy, I was pleasantly surprised by the results!

    Thanks LoulouBlue!

    Katie & Reuben, I love your blog! I look forward to seeing the potato print wrapping on there, perhaps?


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