Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Ever lammos

I've written here before about super talented kiwi artist Henrietta Harris, and also about my love for Auckland cafe Agnes Curran and their best lamington's in the world - so imagine my delight when I saw these new postcards! It's like two worlds of awesome colliding and I am d r o o l i n g . . .


  1. i had no idea about Agnes Curran until I read your blog and then drove past it the other day. I LOVE lamingtons so must go try them!

  2. Hi Vanessa, you've got to go and try their amazing lamingtons. With cream & jam, yum! And their coffee was really good too.

  3. Mmm yes Miss V, you will love Agnes Curran! Lovely cakes and beautiful China tea sets. Vintagey & cool.


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