Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend in Melbs

Another weekend gone too soon *sigh*. I had a great weekend doing all sorts of things round Melbourne, it actually felt like I was being a tourist in my own city! Which was kind of great, because although I've lived here for a year, I still feel like the city is new to me, and there is so much to see and do.

I wandered round Queen Victoria Markets and stocked up on fruit 'n' veg…

… And CHEESES!!! I think the Deli Hall at Vic Markets may be my most favourite place in the whole world.

Then, after a nice walk home through Carlton Gardens, this is where my cheese ended up - on a plate and then IN MAH BELLEH!!!

There were Chinese New Year celebrations happening in Southbank, including yummy food stalls. Any event where I can eat dumplings equals required attendance in my book.

Yum dumplings! These were followed by a wander along the Yarra River to walk off the dumpling stupor…

… where we happened upon Ponyfish Island, a new bar under the Southgate Footbridge.

Mr Meet-Cute took this funny video of the Dragon dancers. Had he panned to the left you would see some nice footage of me stuffing my face with dumplings.

I took all these photos using the Instagram app, which I just got on Friday and have been obsessed with. I hope you had a great weekend too, only 5 days to go until the next one…


  1. Melbourne looks like such an interesting place to live, plus the dumplings look delicious :) I really like the old architecture too (in the first image).

  2. Love it! Also ust investigate Instagram...

  3. what a great blog! this post made me miss melbourne!


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