Friday, April 11, 2014

Looking Back

Another new show I've been enjoying lately is Looking. I love shows that really reflect where they're filmed, and Looking makes San Francisco look so beautiful. Especially those amazing old wooden buildings.

I never got around to sharing any photographs from my trip to San Francisco. These are all way old now, but better late than never. Mr Meet-Cute and I spent two nights in San Francisco, and we packed a whole lot into that time. These were all taken around the Haight Ashbury on the afternoon before we flew home.

After living in Wellington for nearly ten years I was used to hearing the comparisons between the two cities, so it was awesome to finally visit San Francisco and see for myself how similar they are. These photos are also a few years old, from my old neighbourhood the last time I was in Wellington. My landlord was a colour consultant for dulux paints - dream job! She chose the colours for many of the houses in the neighbourhood, purple being a particular favourite.

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