Friday, November 1, 2013

Food lately

… or rather, food from the past year or so.

I snacked on these 'Happy Crackers' a lot while I was pregnant. Recipe from My New Roots.

Then after Ray was born I couldn't wait to get back into eating soft cheeses and deli meats! I made this platter when my mum came over to meet Ray, and also piled on some seasonal figs.

Muffins were a handy snack when Ray was still in the hospital, and the days were so busy I didn't get time to sit down for lunch. Then once Ray came home the days were even busier! I'm in awe of anyone who manages to still cook, let alone bake with a new baby at home. If you know someone who has just had a baby, then I think muffins would be a great gift to drop off for them, as most food needs to be consumed with one hand!

Delicious brunch with Mr Meet-Cute at St Ali, on one of our first outings with baby in tow.

Cauliflower soup, a Winter staple.

Donut and a cuppa on a gloomy Winter day.

Little cheesy potato bakes, with more cheese than potato.

Egg baked in an avo! I love the idea of this more than I actually enjoyed eating it, as the avocado ended up a bit weird and dry.

Takeout salad from Munsterhaus. This was after a week of eating rubbish, and I was craving some fresh healthy goodness!

Amazing french toast at Dench when Mr Meet-Cute's Mum was in town.

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