Friday, December 7, 2012

Spring time eats

What I ate this Spring. First of all: lots of fruit!

On muesli for breakfast, and smothering this amazing pavlova made by some friends.

Second of all: Lots of avocado.

And in less healthy eating news, I made this huge orange-chocolate cake for Mr Meet-Cute's birthday.

I enjoyed some good cafe breakfasts, like this porridge with macadamia and stewed rhubard at Milkwood.

Mitte is another cute neighbourhood cafe that does amazing breakfasts.

Some simple dinners at home: freekah salad with salmon, sausages, bread and salad, and my Mum's tuna quiche.

And some dinners out and about: Longrain thai salad, and fried chicken and slaw, and burgers from Belle's Diner (their fried green tomato burger is amaze).

Afghans! For some reason I got them on the brain and wasn't satisfied until I'd made some.

Reuben sandwich from Woolly Bully.

Spring has also been the season of smoothies.

Tea and scones, a winner whatever the season.

The joyous face of someone clutching a pizza from Al Albero.


  1. and now i'm starving! yum. or should i say.... yummingtons.

  2. I loved my birthday cake and the Pizza from Al Alberos. It was a good season for greeds


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