Monday, October 8, 2012

Sydney Weekend!

A while ago I visited one of my best pals in Sydney for the weekend. All my film cameras are broken so I got a disposable camera to document the trip.

Sydney dogs! Being so patient.

This out of focus roast pork roll was amazing.

Sydney view, from a really pretty park.

The really pretty park was also really fancy because it had this pond full of huge carp.

Martin Place in the city. We arrived here mere minutes after a huge protest that had turned into a riot. True story.

We ate some amazing food during the weekend, including my Sydney 'must-have' Gelato Messina.

We'd just given this guy lots of pats, so I don't know what the sad side-eye is about.

Fresh coconut water was a great start to the day.

This was at a cafe called Bird and Bear, which was beautiful and very 'Sydney'.


  1. Wow, great snaps Banana Meet Cute, Lets hear it for analogue - film is still not dead!

  2. This makes me want to go buy a disposable camera just for kicks.

    1. You should do it Mallory! I wish I'd gotten one with a flash, or known that any shady locations were going to come out really dark.

  3. love these photos, they look so summery and vintage-reminiscent. cute wee blog you have here and you are an amazing photographer.
    X jane

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