Friday, July 29, 2011

Films Every Day

From above: Beginners // Lennon NYC // Submarine // Medianeras // Tiny Furniture // The Future

It's a week into the Melbourne Film Festival and I've had a pretty busy film schedule so far. Last year I was a festival volunteer, which was a great way to see a shitload of films, but this year I've been living it up after splashing out on a mini-pass, and have seen films every night this week. I saw Submarine last night, which was wonderful and charming and far exceeded my expectations. I guess in the past I've been let down by films that I think are going to be awesome, so now I try not to buy into the hype. I needn't have worried though, Submarine is definitely hype worthy! Tonight I'm seeing Beginners, then The Future and Lennon NYC - it is hard sometimes not to get too excited about films, I'm really looking forward to all of these ones!

p.s. Do you think the fact that Miranda July's The Future has a talking cat in it, and Mike Mills' Beginners has a talking dog makes them the best couple ever?


  1. I really want to watch Submarine! glad you gave it a good review :)

  2. How funny, i just did a post about beginners! I thought the movie was fantastic, and the fact that they did a talking dog without making it totally cheesy was also so A+!

  3. Wahou you're lucky!
    I saw the Beginners some weeks ago & truly loved it! And I'm so enthusiastic about the Future... but I still have to wait september/october until it's out here. Please tell me how was it?!

  4. Hi Johanna, Beginners was so great! And I did like The Future, though some of it I found a bit 'difficult', there was one point where I was like 'no!' but then there was a bit that I loved! I would be interested to hear Miranda July speak about it.


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